Grapefruit Sour Dream (Strain Series Airo Cart) - H  - 4/5

Grapefruit Sour Dream (Strain Series Airo Cart) - H - 4/5

Appearance: Mid golden oil has a nice clarity to it. 

Pull: Hits great, has that classic Airo vibration which allows the cannabis oil to have better interaction with the heating element. This results in big, tasty hits without the burnt oil taste of other vape carts.
Flavor: Wonderful! True to strain, has a great cannabis flavor profile, taste like doing a dab of live budder. The citrus is certainly there in the finish.
High: Fun high has a nice energy to it, good for anytime. Not sleepy or speedy, just a middle path euphoria. 

THC 81.59% THCA 0% CBD 0.14% CBDA 0% 

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