Brazil Amazonia THCa Crystalline - S - 4.20/5
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Brazil Amazonia THCa Crystalline - S - 4.20/5

Aroma: Light but when container hasn’t been opened for a while and then it is opened and immediately smelled, there is a nice floral, fruit note. Should ideally be a bit more neutral, but it is still very pleasant.
Texture: Like very light sand through to chunks of solid crystal. Not sticky, more flowing, like timeless sand (the smaller bits anyway).
Appearance: Shiny little bits of crystal chunks and many more smaller bits, almost to the point of sand. The look is a bit on the light golden-yellow side, makes sense with the 87.95% THCa level..
Smoke/Taste: Smooth hitting up front, bit of a nip in the finish..
High: Nice, quick and happy, energizing, ready to do chores, jam music, dishes, making dinner, write reviews, a cartwheel or two, workout, whatever…

THC 1.13% THCA 87.95% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

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