Monday, February 13, 2023

Banana Daddy (Live Budder) - H - 4.20/5

Author: C.T.

Banana Daddy (Live Budder) - H  - 4.20/5

Aroma: Lovely fruit aroma jumps from the container..
Texture: Nice smooth texture, uniform throughout.
Appearance: Light golden, glossy, some beautiful sparkles glisten occasionally.
Smoke/Taste: The hit is delightfully smooth and yet full of flavor. That fruit note from the aromatic profile extends nicely to the flavor profile. Sometimes that’s lost in translation, but not here.
High: Creative high, fun, mood elevating. It’s inspirational, a wonderful experience. 

In fact, it inspired me to write an ode to the hybrid in the spirit of Shakespeare:


Oh Hybrid cannabis, thy concentrated form,

A marvel to behold, a treasure transform'd.

Its potency, a power most unmatched,

Bringeth forth effects, that cannot be scratched.


This concentrate, a blend of Indica and Sativa strains,

Doth offer the best of both, and naught does it contain,

That might disturb the peace, or bringeth pain.

But rather, a euphoria, that doth sustain.


In pipes and pens, it doth make its way,

And bringeth forth a heightened state to play.

For those who seek a potent, elevated stay,

This concentrate, a treasure, worth its weight in hay.


Thus, I do commend this hybrid cannabis,

For its potency, and the effects it dost bring.

For those who seek a swift and sure take off to the wing,

This concentrate, a delight, a joy most divine, to bless.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Black Jack (Sugar) - 4.20/5 - H

Author: C.T.

Aroma: some light pine, bright lemon, touch of a dry herbal melody finish (basil, tarragon, sage), light mothball finish. 
Texture: clumped sparking waxy chunk-lets..
Appearance: Sparking, a bit of a dark brown, opaque, matte.
Smoke/Taste: Hits clean, there is a soft vanilla in the flavor profile.. some tropical fruit, sugar sweetness..
High: Productive, went to work on a review after seeing it was on sale and I had already purchased one to write about, on top of that the photograph was already done, so it was basically heeding me to the call of the “high-ild” (“wild”)… Feeling good, happy. Very balanced high, a nicely even split hybrid. Typing comes with easy, as do the words.. Yes sir, I do believe I like it..  Wrote this part before any other part of the review, just after taking a dab. It was such a nice high, I had to immediately take note. This is 4.20/5 country here..

THC 1.60% THCA 84.90% CBN 0.19% CBD 0.35% & CBDA 0.31%

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Nikko (Crumble) - 4.20/5 - I

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Citrus, dust.. A Flo note, very nice.
Texture: Smoother and less crumble like for a crumble, its basically the consistency of soft candle wax, no bubbles in it..
Appearance: Opaque, matte appearance, hue is a slightly olive tan.
Smoke/Taste: Hits smooth, finishes clean.. Has a Flo flavor profile, very great..
High: Motivated, especially for an indica..but there is a cill and relaxation it, very nice….

THC 2.97% THCA 86.00% CBD 0.26% & CBDA 0%

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

AJ Sour Diesel (Crumble) - S - 4/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: A light floral note.. touch of skunk funk..
Texture: Wax breaks mostly smooth, can be handled.  Clay like texture.
Appearance: Flat opaque matte outside, some small bubbles inside..
Smoke/Taste: Hits mostly clean, bit of a bounce in the end.
High: Complex high is both thoughtful yet sleepy, motivated yet relaxed. Can review like a high times scoop editor with the chill of a kitten napper coach. 

THC 1.04% THCA 86.80% CBD 0.35% & CBDA 0%

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

OZ Kush BX2 (Crumble) - H - 3.05/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Tropical fruit, citrus, touch of dust..

Texture: Smooth wax, not much crumble to it, but that's ok, crumbs can be frustrating so I don't mind it holding together a bit better then some crumbles...
Appearance: Matte, opaque, in the middle between light and dark tan..
Smoke/Taste: Hits pretty clean, smooth.. Finish has a bounce to it.
High: Nice, feeling relaxed. Good for evenings.

THC 2.59% THCA 80.30% CBD 0.25% & CBDA 0%

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